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Laurelow builds strategically artistic brands for brick-and-mortar businesses. Confidently express the value of what you offer with our creative assistance.

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Creative Branding Services

Take a look at our flat-rate branding services, each carefully planned to strengthen your company’s identity.
They will ensure that your brand receives the craftsmanship it deserves.

Strategy consulting calendar

Strategy Consulting

Want a strong foundation of guidance to improve your brand on your own? A consultation is an incredibly affordable place to start. Find your initial direction with us, then chart your own path.

Brand development discussion

Brand Development

Your brand isn’t just a logo; it’s your essence, your story, and your promise. From logo design to messaging, all explained through brand guidelines, we’re your creative architects. Start building with us!

Workspace art

Workspace Art

Life deserves a touch of elegance, a splash of color, and an expressive brand. To get these, you’ll need the perfect combination of skill, creativity, and dependability in drawing and painting.

Film production

Film Production

Our photos and videos tell stories and capture moments through planning, creativity, and technology. They’ll help your business make connections through professional visuals and audio.

Website design

Website Design

Your website is your company’s digital storefront, its online identity. Help your visitors step into the future of web design and development with a stunning user experience and automation.

Print and digital marketing design

Marketing Content

Say hello to unlimited graphic design. Whether you need a business card, pitch deck, social media graphics, or anything in between, we’ll craft visuals that make your brand unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re curious about our processes or pricing, dive in and discover the insights you need to make informed decisions with us.

We utilize industry-standard software and supplies for every project, including:

  • Google Drive for creating and sharing written documents.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop for photo editing, InDesign for document creation, Illustrator for illustration, and AfterEffects for animation and video editing).
  • Adobe Spark on request for designs you can easily edit yourself.
  • WordPress for website design and development.
  • Professional grade pencils, pens, and acrylic as well as watercolor paints for artwork made from traditional materials.

Every one of our branding plans includes a virtual or in-person consultation to kick off the project. Afterward, we’ll ask you to submit a detailed questionnaire clarifying your needs and goals. Throughout the following process, we’ll promptly respond to any questions or comments through email. Feel free to use your client portal to monitor the progress and deliverables of your projects. Final assets will also be sent by email to ensure everyone on your team is in the know.

Completion time will vastly vary depending on the services your company requests. However, if you are diligent about keeping up with our communications, due dates are as follows:

We offer both fixed-price projects and graphic design subscription services (retainers) with unlimited revisions to cater to a wide range of clients. For detailed pricing information and to explore your options, please visit our branding services pages, where you will find comprehensive details on our services and the associated costs. We invite you to conveniently pay and renew your subscriptions directly through our website.

If you have any additional questions or require a custom quote tailored to your unique needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our team directly, and we’ll assist you in finding the right pricing solution for your project.

Because we are so confident that you’ll receive great value from our services from the very beginning, we do not provide free trials. However, in the case that you are not satisfied with what you’ve received within the first 30 days of your initial deposit, please let us know, and we’ll provide a full refund.

Expect just the right amount of adaptable support.

Because we understand that every business owner seeks a different level of involvement in their branding, each of our creative services is available in three flexible tiers.

Careful Planning

At the core of every successful brand is a meticulously crafted plan. That’s why our services offer affordably detailed, actionable plans and guidelines that you can pass along to your team.

Creative Deliverables

From logo design that captures your company’s essence to hand-drawn or painted wall art that speaks to your visitors in entirely new ways, we create assets that tell your brand’s special story.

Consistent Solutions

With our subscription services for monthly marketing content, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your brand’s integrity. Our team will ensure that your company’s messaging, design, and tone stay cohesive across all channels.

Reach Out for Branding Expertise

Is your brand struggling to stand out? We understand that with today’s competition, establishing a beautiful and effective brand identity can be daunting. However, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone.

Outline your needs and goals to receive plenty of support from our artistic and strategic branding studio. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Established Clientele

The following are trustworthy clients who continue to count on our branding services. They motivate us to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity and strategy, ensuring that we remain a trusted collaborator in their journey — and yours — toward continued success.

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Hear about more what guides us.

Reach Out for Branding Expertise

Picture complete creative assistance designed for you and with you — and, of course, with your guests in full focus. If you take inventory of your imagination, we’ll bring it to life together.

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