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Lauren Bigelow has designed a dynamic virtual studio just for you.

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Commission original or printed handmade drawings, paintings, or collages that will add a unique flair to your home or business. 

Request the print, digital, and time-based media that fulfill practical purposes and surround us in our daily lives. 

Order engaging content foundational to advertisements, as well as blog and social media posts made for sharing across the web. 

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A lifelong artist and writer, Lauren graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) degree in Digital Multimedia Design.

I strive to encourage curiosity that may lead to questioning in today’s digital age. Technology provides people with the opportunity to learn from a wealth of information, but not always the tools for critical thought. Without the ability to utilize the knowledge it offers, they miss opportunities to improve themselves and solve broader problems.

To communicate this message, I pair realism with abstraction. I combine lifelike vector graphics, video footage, or drawings with non-representational elements such as shapes, expressive lines, and transparent objects; many are often layered within a single frame. This distortion of real-world elements suggests that success in the modern world requires a change in perspective, and that imagination and innovation can benefit society when built upon a foundation of careful observation.

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