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About Our Brand Studio

Our Small Yet Effective Brand Studio

Meet the founder.

Lauren Bigelow

Brand Builder

Lauren Bigelow, a lifelong creative learner, is based in southeastern Michigan and promotes brick-and-mortar businesses across the United States. With a varied yet consistent background in creative work, she is prepared to take on your next project — or your entire brand identity.

Lauren received her Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) in Digital Multimedia Design from Pennsylvania State University. She is professionally certified in Digital Arts, SEO, and Google Analytics.

Working behind the scenes, I help people discover and remember the value of professional teams’ charisma, integrity, understanding, and dedication.

I thrive on the adventure of creating visual environments through which business owners and their customers can both escape and connect.

Meet your source of additional assurance.

Mary Terhune

Quality Assurance Specialist

Mary is a creative based out of Metro Detroit. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Art/Art History from St. Lawrence University, she is a designer, fine artist, and marketing wiz. You can check out her work on her website

Our Mission

Laurelow helps service-focused brick-and-mortar businesses build innovative brands by merging physical and digital art, design, and strategy.

Our Vision

We imagine a future where countless brand narratives stand the test of time through thoughtful and thought-provoking engagement of the senses.

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