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Service-based business owners benefit not only from staying up-to-date on the latest trends in their industries, but also by thinking resourcefully and gathering inspiration from other fields.

Lauren of Laurelow regularly shares information about art, design, and other aspects of branding for business owners. Knowing that creativity is the key to success in any business, she is here to help you tap into your creativity and showcase some of the best work from throughout history and around the web.

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Hand holding notebook with pencil-drawn logo design ideas

The Rewards of Professional Logo Design: A Mark of Success

What kinds of value do professional logo designers create? Learn much of what you need to know about getting a logo for business.
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Suits hanging in store with branding

Cracking the Branding Code: Why It Matters Long After a Launch

What exactly is branding, and how can it transform your business into a magnetic force for trustworthy success?
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Website images to increase conversions

Guest Post: How to Increase Website Conversions Using Images

Knowing visual hints can be very helpful; let’s take a look at some strategies to increase website conversions with images from Ivy Attie.
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Businessman and businesswoman at meeting

Illuminating Design and UI/UX Terms for Busy Business Owners

I’ll explain some common UI and UX terms, unraveling their meanings and significance to help you navigate the world of digital design.
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UI/UX design tools vs. digital marketing tools

Electronically Improving Interactions: UI/UX Design vs. Digital Marketing

UI/UX design and digital marketing: are two distinct fields that play a crucial role in the success of any digital product or service.
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Laurelow | Image created using generative AI for business marketing

AI for Business: Advantages and Pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence in Creative Marketing

With the rise of AI for business, marketers are now able to create incredibly personalized campaigns tailored to specific audiences.
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