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Service-based business owners benefit not only from staying up-to-date on the latest trends in their industries, but also by thinking resourcefully and gathering inspiration from other fields.

Lauren of Laurelow regularly shares information about art, design, and other aspects of branding for business owners. Knowing that creativity is the key to success in any business, she is here to help you tap into your creativity and showcase some of the best work from throughout history and around the web.

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Man in need of hiring a web designer

Your Business Needs a New Website — a Virtual Space All Its Own. Now What?

Once you've decided your business needs its own virtual space, it's time to figure out the details. Learn how to hire a web designer and ...
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Side view of man applying cosmetics for skincare routine

Guest Post: With Spa Industry Growth, Men Are The New Face of Skincare

There's been a significant shift in the skincare and spa industries, reflecting a broader societal change. Learn more from Amy of The Palomar Spa.
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Photography and videography agency coworkers working together

Your Guide to Finding the Most Creative Photo & Video Production Companies

Start your search for top photo and video production companies with our comprehensive guide to freelancers, agencies, and other creatives.
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Woman recording video for her restaurant blog with the help of a videography agency

Types of Videos for Business: Go Behind the Scenes

What types of videos do videography agencies recommend? Learn about brand films, testimonial videos, and other multi-platform formats.
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Photography agency members working on photography for business

Which Types of Photos Do Photography Agencies Recommend?

Discover top business photo ideas for local U.S. companies. We have expert insights and tips for creating compelling visual content.
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Decorating professional room with wall art

Your Guide to Business Wall Art Packages

Unpack the positive effects of truly artistic services and learn where to find business wall art.
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