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Service-based business owners benefit not only from staying up-to-date on the latest trends in their industries, but also by thinking resourcefully and gathering inspiration from other fields.

Lauren of Laurelow regularly shares information about art, design, and other aspects of branding for business owners. Knowing that creativity is the key to success in any business, she is here to help you tap into your creativity and showcase some of the best work from throughout history and around the web.

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Decorating professional room with wall art

Your Guide to Business Wall Art Packages

Unpack the positive effects of truly artistic services and learn where to find business wall art.
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Crivella & Associates and Atticus Wealth Management | Mural painting

Customizing Company Culture: Brand-Focused Office Artwork

Why choose your office art from store shelves when customized artwork can inspire your team and customers for years to come?
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Collaborative art and interior design for hospitality team members and employees

Innovative Harmony: Collaboration in Hospitality Through Art

In the dynamic hospitality industry, the combination of teamwork and artistry is proving to be a significant driver of success. Beyond aesthetics, integrating collaborative workspaces ...
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Lauren holding paintbrush

Article Feature: Voyage Michigan Magazine

Find out about Lauren's inspiring creative journey shared in Voyage Michigan Magazine, a local publication highlighting entrepreneurs.
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Two happy businesswomen meeting about graphic design packages for branding

Your Guide to the Types of Graphic Design Packages for Branding

Even if you’re already familiar with what branding is, you may be wondering all of what will be included in your professional package.
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Hand holding notebook with pencil-drawn logo design ideas

The Rewards of Professional Logo Design: A Mark of Success

What kinds of value do professional logo designers create? Learn much of what you need to know about getting a logo for business.
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