Our 2023 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon cutting outside of art and marketing studio

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI — The ribbon cutting ceremony of our art and marketing studio, Laurelow, recently took place right outside Sterling Heights’ All American Business Center, a bustling coworking space. This event was scheduled to mark the official opening of Laurelow’s private office.

As the day of the ceremony arrived, the entrance of All American Business Center was adorned with colorful decorations. The atmosphere was filled with an air of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, reflecting the essence of both the art studio and the coworking space.

Local artists, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and leaders of the community gathered around the entrance before Lauren Bigelow, founder of Laurelow, finally cut the ribbon alongside of Sterling Heights‘ mayor, Michael C. Taylor.

Ribbon cutting outside of art and marketing studio
Grand opening celebration

This official step toward building stronger connections with the local community marks the beginning of a new chapter of creative possibilities and professional growth.

About Laurelow

Laurelow is a brand studio based in Metro Detroit, MI. They specialize in planning and implementing comprehensive branding efforts for brick-and-mortar businesses. The experienced team at Laurelow has developed a reputation for providing quality, innovative solutions to their clients.

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