Art Prints or Original Art: Which Are Best for You?

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When spending time at work, you and your team will need a comfortable and welcoming place for relaxation and productivity. If you are a professional in any service industry, you’ll also need to ensure that your workplace communicates competence and reliability.

Although there are several aspects to consider when furnishing your workspace, fine art wall and desk decor are certainly some of the most important.

One of the easiest ways of decorating your walls involves showcasing prints — mass-produced reproductions of drawings or paintings.

What exactly can prints bring to your decor?

Many Immediate Decor Options

Prints are often available in several sizes and media. Get in touch with Lauren for more details!

Many decor options are not just decorative; they are seen as must-haves — so why not make your daily work routines a bit more lively?

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Original drawings and paintings tend to be more expensive than standard prints, which are ideal for people looking for low-cost art.

However, originals usually incorporate more valuable materials with authentic techniques. Handmade art may be worth the additional expense, especially when it holds sentimental value to individuals or will be used in upscale professional environments.

What are more benefits of original art?

Unique Branded Office Ideas

Originals are designed and crafted directly by artists, often directly according to buyers’ requests. Because they are handmade — even if one design is replicated on two canvases — no two original paintings or drawings will be the same. Their rarity often heightens their emotional and commercial value.

Speaking of rare finds, some prints are created in hand-signed, limited-edition series, which means they will only ever be printed a finite number of times: 100, 50, 10, or even fewer. If you’re looking for uniqueness on a budget, limited-edition prints may be for you.

Difference-Making Details

Would your clients even notice that your decor is unique?

Yes! When compared to even the highest-resolution prints, a typical handmade piece of art has more perceptible texture, detail, and richness of color.

Original and printed artwork may both be great options depending on your needs. Contact Lauren, Laurelow’s fine art advisor, for more information about business office decorating ideas.

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