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Decorating professional room with wall art

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From the moment clients and employees step into your workspace, ambiance and aesthetics set the tone for success. One great way to transform your office into a visually inspiring environment is through carefully curated business wall art packages.

Unpack the positive effects of truly artistic services and learn where to find them.

Benefits of Company Artwork

Your office space is an extension of your brand. Whether it’s through vibrant colors, motivational quotes, or environmental graphics, business wall art allows you to communicate what matters to your team.

Creative business wall artist working at desk
Multimedia business artist at work

Your office decor speaks volumes about your professionalism and attention to detail, both to customers and employees. A well-designed workspace positively influences employee morale and productivity. Engaging and thoughtfully selected art can create a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere, promoting creativity, collaboration, and innovation among your team.

Where to Find Business Wall Art Packages

Let’s go beyond general advice about how to hire a creative professional and focus on this special type of creativity.

Online Art Marketplaces

Feel free to explore online art marketplaces where talented artists offer a variety of premade business-themed artworks. You might also want to contact their artists or representatives for custom work.

Pros and Cons of Buying Art Online

With only a few clicks, businesses can embark on a journey of discovery, exploring a diverse selection of premade and customizable artworks from talented artists worldwide. Here are the other pros of purchasing art online.

  • Diverse selection: Online art marketplaces provide access to a vast and diverse selection of artworks created by talented artists from around the world. This diversity ensures that businesses can find pieces that resonate with their unique brand identity.
  • Convenience and accessibility: The convenience of browsing and purchasing art online makes the process accessible to businesses of all sizes. This eliminates geographical constraints and allows for effortless exploration of a wide array of creative styles.
  • Cost-effective options: Online markets often feature a range of price points, making it possible for businesses with varying budgets to invest in quality artwork. This accessibility opens doors for smaller businesses to enhance their spaces with meaningful art.
  • Direct artist contact: Many online platforms facilitate direct communication with artists or their representatives. This direct contact allows businesses to discuss customization options.
  • Customization opportunities: Some artists on online marketplaces offer customization services. This allows businesses to request personalized artworks tailored to their brand, office aesthetics, or certain themes.
  • Time-efficient selection process: Browsing through online art marketplaces is a time-efficient way to discover and select artworks. With filters and search functionalities, businesses can streamline the selection process based on desired themes, styles, or sizes.
  • Support for emerging artists: Many online platforms showcase emerging artists, providing an opportunity for businesses to support and promote the work of up-and-coming talents, demonstrating social responsibility.

Amid the convenience of virtual galleries, businesses must also navigate the challenges of online art purchases.

  • Quality assurance: Businesses need to carefully review artist profiles, customer reviews, and return policies to ensure artistic quality and mitigate risks.
  • Limited physical inspection: Unlike with traditional galleries, businesses may not have the opportunity to physically inspect artworks before purchase for factors like size and texture.
  • Shipping and handling risks: Shipping delicate artworks poses inherent risks; there’s a chance of damage during transit.
  • Potential for replication: Online platforms may not be able to catch replication or unauthorized use of artworks. Businesses should make sure they are purchasing from reputable platforms to minimize the risk of copyright infringement.
  • Overwhelming choices: The volume of options can feel overwhelming.
  • Limited personal connection: Your online purchasing process may lack the personal touch and consultation that businesses could receive from engaging directly with artists or other professionals in their field.

However, with thoughtful choices, businesses can confidently navigate these challenges, finding unique pieces that enhance their spaces and reflect their brand identities.

Where to Buy Art for Your Business Online

The following have formally curated collections from pre-approved artists and the galleries representing them that are suitable for corporate settings.

  • Artsy: Here, you can find and categorize your favorite art, place bids at auctions, stay knowledgeable about the art market, resell from your own art collection, and get expert guidance from art advisors.
  • Artfinder: This platform only accepts signed original artwork — no wall prints or printed products.
  • SINGULART: Similar to Artfinder, SINGULART carefully curates collections of original artwork suitable for corporate settings.

Those below are a bit more informal, with any artist having the ability to upload work and sell originals, giclee prints, or other printed products:

  • Artrepreneur: “Artrepreneurs” not only show and sell their art, but can also respond to custom requests known as open calls from clients like you. Their commercial consultancy is called
  • Pixels: With millions of unique products, Pixels is the place to go when you want to find a wide range of choices. Its United States-only website is called Fine Art America.
  • Saatchi: Artists here are often promoted within the platform through its art advisors who can recommend work to you.

The rest are wholesale online art markets that only sell wall art in bulk.

  • Faire: This site caters to retailers looking to purchase an assortment of practical products, many of which incorporate prints of fine art.
  • DesignerPrints: A sister company of Pixels, DesignerPrints sells many types of products, each one containing an artistic reproduction.

Art Consultancies and Advisories

Consider engaging with art consultancies specializing in corporate art solutions. These professionals can guide you through the selection process, ensuring the chosen artworks align with your brand and office aesthetics.

Many art consultancies and advisory companies — such as those we’ve already discussed — have a digital presence, showcasing their portfolios, client testimonials, and the scope of services they offer.

If you’d like to find more, here are some terms you can search online:

  • If you’re looking for local companies, art consultancies in before your city and state.
  • Online art consultancies or virtual art consultancies if location isn’t a deciding factor.
  • Art consultants or similar if you’re looking for individual people or small firms.
  • Art advising, art advisory services, art advisors, or any other phrase involving advising rather than consulting.

While the terms “art advising” and “art consulting” are often used in place of one another, they can carry slightly different connotations depending on the context. Here’s a breakdown of these differences.

Art Advising

  • Personal and private focus: Art advising often involves working with individual clients, whether they are small businesses, private collectors, or those seeking to build a personal art collection.
  • Subjective guidance: Art advisors tend to give more subjective guidance, taking into account the personal taste of the person they are advising.
  • Continuous support: Art advisors may establish long-term relationships with clients, offering ongoing support in navigating the art world, making acquisitions, and managing their art collections.
  • Education: Advisors often play an educational role, helping clients understand the art market, different art movements, and the historical context of artworks.

Art Consulting

  • Corporate and institutional focus: Art consulting commonly involves working with businesses, corporations, or institutions that are looking to integrate art into their spaces. This could include corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, or public spaces.
  • Brand alignment: Art consultants often provide more objective advice, focusing on aligning the chosen artwork with the client’s brand identity, corporate culture, and overall aesthetic goals.
  • Specific projects: Art consulting engagements are often project-based, where consultants assist in selecting and installing artworks for a particular space or initiative.
  • Space planning: Consultants may be involved in spatial considerations, taking into account the architecture and design of a space to ensure that the selected artwork enhances the overall environment.

Local Galleries and Artists

You can support local talent by reaching out to nearby galleries or the individual artists they represent. A good way to start is by searching Google for:

  • The phrase art scene in plus your city and state,
  • The name of your city and state before art galleries,
  • And/or simply art galleries near me.

Once you understand the art scene in your area, visit local galleries to get a firsthand look at the artwork. Attend gallery openings, exhibitions, and events to connect with artists and gallery owners.

You may even want to attend local art events, meetups, or workshops. Networking is crucial for building relationships with artists and staying informed about the local art community.

When it’s time for a commission for any new piece of artwork, be sure to follow the steps below.

How to Commission Custom Art for Your Business

Defining Your Vision

Before reaching out to an artist or their representative(s), clearly define your vision for the artwork that you can share. Consider the color scheme, themes, and any specific elements that align with your brand and office ambiance. Get ready to hand over a copy of your brand guidelines, too.

Research and Selection

Take the time to research and select an artist whose style resonates with your vision. Review their portfolio, discuss your ideas with them, clarify the types of materials they will use, and ensure they understand the essence of your business.

Affordability and Timeline

Establish a budget for the commission and discuss timelines with the artist. Understanding the financial commitment and expected delivery date will ensure a smooth collaboration.

Don’t pressure artists or their representatives for discounts, as this can strain your professional relationship. Artists invest time, skill, and emotion into their creations, and fair compensation is crucial for sustaining their artistic careers.


When an artist embarks on a journey to fulfill your commission — such as for a mural — you will likely encounter additional costs related to transportation. Shipping delicate pieces safely, especially oversized or fragile items, might also incur supplementary fees. It’s essential to discuss and clarify these considerations with your artist beforehand to ensure a transparent and smooth transaction while supporting their creativity.

Regular Updates and Feedback

Maintain open communication throughout the creative process. Regular updates and opportunities for feedback ensure that the final artwork meets your expectations.

Delivery and Installation

Once the artwork is complete, you might need the services of a professional installer to ensure that the pieces are hung securely and in a visually appealing arrangement.

Decorating professional room with wall art
Hanging abstract business wall art

Go Ahead — Explore Workspace Art Services

Investing in business wall art packages is a strategic move that goes beyond mere decoration. It is a powerful tool to shape perceptions, boost morale, and create an inspiring work environment.

We already have tried-and-true plans in mind for local, service-based businesses; learn about our own processes at Laurelow.

Whether you opt for curated packages from online marketplaces or commission bespoke pieces from local artists, the result will be a visually stunning workspace that reflects the essence of your business. Take the next step to enrich your workspace and watch as the positive effects boost your entire company’s confidence.

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