How Fine Art Can Benefit Your Service-Based Business

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Why fine art?

You’re very likely familiar with the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Exceptional art can be worth a lot more than words; it can mean the difference between a successful business and one that struggles. Prominent businesses understand and leverage the power of art to their advantage.

Here are some benefits of incorporating drawings and paintings across various industries of the service sector.

Promote Serenity

Great employees aim to perform their tasks productively, which often involves thriving under pressure. You are likely familiar with several ways to create a calming environment at work, such as taking frequent breaks, focusing on tasks separately, and reducing interruptions — but have you considered the emotional effects of art?

Drawings and paintings displayed across workplaces help relieve employees’ stress. This is because art has the power to provoke strong emotions and memories through insightful visual landscapes they could not have not imagined on their own. Strategically placing drawings or paintings in your studio or office space can offer short-term mental vacations to your coworkers, allowing them to refocus more contentedly and confidently.

Customized calming workspace | Photo credit: Ivan Samkov – Pexels

In turn, the customers these employees support will also likely receive better service. If customers enter your establishment themselves, they can enjoy the positive effects of art as well.

Boost Your Coworkers’ Creativity

Reducing workplace stress can improve creativity, a pathway to the success of your services.

Artists not only express their own inventiveness, but also inspire others to do the same. Displaying fine art in your office can trigger the creativity in your employees so that they function efficiently and creatively, often encouraging open dialogue about ideas that may benefit everyone in and beyond the business.

Personalize Your Company Culture

When it comes to business, first impressions are everything — and in the service industry where customers are often coming and going, make sure that your company leaves an impression that lasts long after they exit your doors.

Fine art can suggest underlying clues about your brand, portraying the strength of your employee morale and the kinds of relationships your team members have with customers.

Indirectly Attract Talent

As your company grows and scales, you will need to have more experts who can guide your business. When you invest in art to make your workplace more appealing, a larger proportion of talented people may wish to join and remain at your company. Art not only brings out the beauty of its surroundings but also helps create and sustain a spirited, committed company culture.

Need to determine which types of art best suit your service-based business?

A cohesive yet explorative collection of art is an important part of any vibrant workplace. To make the best decisions about any new artwork you purchase, consider a professional art advisor who can plan and implement various collections with brilliant layouts that best suit your business’ needs.

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