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Service-based business owners benefit not only from staying up-to-date on the latest trends in their industries, but also by thinking resourcefully and gathering inspiration from other fields.

Lauren of Laurelow regularly shares information about art, design, and other aspects of branding for business owners. Knowing that creativity is the key to success in any business, she is here to help you tap into your creativity and showcase some of the best work from throughout history and around the web.

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The Beauty of Content Writing

If you properly utilize it, written content can convey your company’s values, lead your audience to emotionally connect with its brand, and remarkably distinguish its ...
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Bakery owner looking at swatches

How Graphic Design Can Benefit Your Service-based Business

Whether you lead a team or are a solopreneur, you'll need plenty of print and digital materials. Discover benefits of graphic design services.
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Interior of modern office with chairs and table

How Fine Art Can Benefit Your Service-Based Business

Prominent businesses understand and leverage the power of art to their advantage. Here are some benefits of incorporating drawings and paintings into your own business.
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Plen air painting

The Ultimate Guide to Interpreting Inspiration for Your Art or Design

Creative work is so much more fun and fulfilling if you can integrate meaningful messages into the process.
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Assorted paintings on green wall

Art Prints or Original Art: Which Are Best for You?

When spending time at work, you and your team will need a comfortable and welcoming place for relaxation and productivity.
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Art, Meet Design: The Universal Joy of Problem Solving

Have you ever used the terms “art” and “design” interchangeably? Since art and design can both take the shape of visual media, they share plenty ...
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