Which Types of Creative Work Invigorate Service-based Businesses? A Short Breakdown by Industry

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Creative work conveys information in meaningful ways.

It includes artwork like drawing or painting, print or digital graphic design, fiction or nonfiction writing, filmmaking, and composing music.

These types of work can contribute to marketing efforts and raise brand awareness; they have plenty to offer in any service industry.

If your business provides face-to-face services, your team’s unspoken and unwritten passion may not be recognized by those who haven’t directly experienced it. Top-quality corporate art and design plus effective, industry-specific communication can help your business gain long-lasting impressions of credibility — and ultimately, more sales.

Here’s how.


Although trust is important to the entire service sector, it is especially valued in the hospitality industry, which includes companies such as restaurants, apartments, and hotels. Meals, housing, and lodging when we’re away from home are, after all, essential to our shelter and well-being. That’s why any dining or dwelling place and those who manage it should inspire confidence through the art on its walls, the elegant design of its marketing materials, and the charm of its written content.

Skillfully-edited photos representing your dining and/or living spaces along with your team — thoughtfully placed online as well as in print ads, menus, flyers, and brochures — allow consumers to preview snapshots of the experiences you provide.

Customers looking at menus
Guests admiring luxurious restaurant menus  |  Photo credit: MotionArray

A few other, more unique instances of hospitality graphic design include coasters, rack brochures, fact sheets, and key cards.

Real Estate

The real estate industry has become very active and fast-paced over the last few years. Realty companies and agents experience a persistent need to share promotional marketing materials — especially online for quick reception — conveying property listings, announcements, and advertisements.

Since real estate agencies and independent agents facilitate frequent face-to-face interaction, edited headshots and inviting content are must-haves for any agent.


Brokers and lenders with strong financial portfolios can immensely benefit from creative portfolios. A great creative professional can help any financial company appeal to potential clients by visually presenting metrics in ways that are sleek, easy to understand, and simple to use or navigate. Infographics or other types of charts and graphs alongside knowledgeable, authoritative statements can beautifully support financial services.


Consultants must be well-versed with every aspect of their specialty but often request consulting about art and design, whether they’re seeking great presentations, pitches, or personable advertisements that encourage potential clients to get to know them.

A large part of consulting is education; it instills knowledge that strengthens the workforce. Great design can advocate for a consultant or consulting agency’s core values of communication, learning, and progress.

Consultants who plan interactions and course materials creatively — especially with the help of creative professionals — often find that clients reward their efforts with increased attention, engagement, and gratitude.

Regardless of your industry, creative work can be challenging to take on alone.

I provide fine art, graphic design, and written content along with advisory services for a complete creative package. Reach out to receive a custom plan that will energize your business.

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