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Lauren holding paintbrush

In this interview with Voyage Michigan, Lauren Bigelow shares her creative journey, from childhood fascination with interior design to establishing Laurelow.

Lauren’s passion for design started with traditional art and evolved into a focus on interior makeovers.

After studying Digital Multimedia Design at Penn State, freelancing, and gaining experience at another company, Lauren now runs Laurelow, offering a blend of art and strategy. She transforms businesses nationwide with services like brand development, workspace art, website design, and marketing content, emphasizing a commitment to creating complete brand experiences.

About Laurelow

Laurelow is a brand studio based in Metro Detroit, MI. They specialize in planning and implementing comprehensive branding efforts for brick-and-mortar businesses. The experienced team at Laurelow has developed a reputation for providing quality, innovative solutions to their clients.

Media Contact
Lauren Bigelow
Phone: (810) 564-5549

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