Growing Together

The first drawing in this series was auctioned at Community Living Centers’ 42nd annual Celebrity Chefs Dinner to benefit its disabled residents. They were all assigned chores, which helped the entire group live happily. The residents’ efforts reminded Lauren of a garden, which takes labor to maintain, but can produce beautiful flowers that bring joy to anyone who sees them.

Created with Graphite on Paper
Growing Together
Bloom No. 2 | Graphite Drawing and Collage
Bloom No. 8 | Graphite Drawing and Collage
The series’ original drawing was auctioned at the 41st Celebrity Chefs Dinner.  It represents how Community Living Centers offer the disabled the support they need to eventually “fly” when making friends, having learning experiences, and finding jobs away from home.
Graphite on Paper
Orbit No. 4 | Graphite Drawing
Orbit No. 5 | Graphite Drawing and Collage
Muted Shadow

The word “muted” has multiple meanings; it may refer to a lack of sound or a low intensity of color. Although the images in Muted Shadow give the impression of silence and have been drawn in black-and-white, they command viewers’ attention through soft yet stunning details and dramatic shadows. 

Colored Pencil on Paper
Muted Shadow No. 2
Orange Rose
Orange Rose

This drawing’s rose is not only orange, but contains accents of red along with deep shadows; it stands out against a dark green background of foliage.

Pastel on Paper


A Hard Day's Work

The boots in this painting are a keepsake of the struggles its wearer faced, as well as the achievements that followed each step.

Watercolor and Charcoal on Paper
ArtPrize Exhibition
A Hard Day's Work
Solitude | Watercolor Painting

Representing a quiet place, the landscape in Solitude would be seen on a serene autumn day.

Watercolor on Paper

Mixed Media

Torn Beauty

Torn Beauty explores the concept that flowers are often removed from the outdoors and taken into human-made places, where they eventually wither. It contains a collage of partially-drawn flowers in front of disconnected urban and industrial drawings.

Acrylic Paint, Pastel, Colored Pencil, and Paper on Canvas Board

Torn Beauty No. 2
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