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Graphic Design

Request the print, digital, and time-based media that fulfill practical purposes and surround us in our daily lives.

Recent Work

Poster Series
Adobe Photoshop and InDesign

Posters displaying visual definitions of typographic terms.

"Baseline" Poster
"Median" Poster
"Cap Height" Poster
Fall Celebration
Adobe Indesign

Glenwood Village of Overland Park, a Pegasus Senior Living Community, requested a flyer for its outdoor decoration contest.

Commissioned by Craft & Communicate
Logo Courtesy of Pegasus Senior Living
Glenwood Village of Overland Park | Let's Have a Gourd Time Flyer
MarketView Promotions
EBlast Series
Adobe Illustrator & MailChimp

MarketView is a marketing tool used by automotive dealerships. This eBlast campaign was designed to make Nissan dealers aware of its features and provide helpful reminders once they have already shown interest.

Laurelow | Urban Science/Nissan | Email
Laurelow | Urban Science/Nissan | Email
What's News?
Short Film & Website
Digital Camera, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe AfterEffects

What’s News? is a website featuring short films and altered photography. Its dramatic lighting, repetition, and symbolism convey the fear and isolation people often feel while in online spaces that reinforce their existing views, also known as echo chambers.

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