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How Laurelow Surpasses Expectations of the Design and Marketing Industries

Lauren Bigelow of Laurelow has designed a dynamic virtual studio just for you! Commission fine art, graphic design, or writing with the option of real-time, interactive conversations incorporating your choice of topics and media.

Why offer Media and Advising?

Because I’ve learned from the past to provide a more engaging future.

As a student, I often wished for consistent, personalized instruction about subjects that both intrigued and challenged me. In-class peer reviews, artistic critiques, and literary discussions were not only interesting; they also accelerated my growth as both an analytical and creative learner.

As an artist, designer, and writer for various companies and nonprofits, working alone for hours at a time has allowed me to express what seem to be the best concepts from my point of view. I welcome revisions, as my goal is not to create exclusively for myself, but to reach an agreement that satisfies all of us and leads organizations along with the people they serve to flourish. However, when the revision process begins, clients often make helpful suggestions that could have been more efficiently applied much earlier.

My typical client deeply understands his or her company’s mission, objectives, and target market; all of these aspects and more guide my design and writing. This is why I believe that the best media is made by contractors and clients who are both directly involved in the creative process in real time as often as possible.

How does Laurelow’s Advising solve these problems?

In Laurelow’s virtual advising calls, you will always receive constructive feedback tailored to the moment-to-moment questions and concepts you share through a video meeting.

Envision your project here.

If you are a business owner, you will never be left to wonder if the design or written content you have ordered is progressing in a way that best suits your needs; rather, you can offer suggestions to me about how you would like our project to progress. Our work will truly be a team effort and our combined knowledge will be evident in the final product.

What are virtual Advising calls like?

First things first.

Before we begin speaking on our call, it is best that you share as much information about what you hope to achieve through Laurelow’s website or by email. In return, I plan to write a description of what I expect to create during our session along with my rates that can be paid through the digital platform of your choice. If we schedule our first meeting, I will provide a digital form for you to sign as I would for typical projects, but this time, you’ll also see a Zoom invitation.

Stop sending and start interacting.

After greeting you and hearing even more about your goals for the particular call, you and I can begin working together on our project. Feel free to share your screen; I will, too. Of course, my screen will show something very different depending on your choice of medium. Here are some tools and programs I have shown by screen sharing to past students and clients:

  • Pencil and pen drawings, acrylic and watercolor paintings, and handwritten notes captured with a document camera, which looks downward toward the paper on my desk
  • Adobe Creative Cloud programs, including Photoshop for photo editing, Illustrator for digital illustration, InDesign for document design, and AfterEffects for video editing
  • Adobe Acrobat DC, a general PDF editor
  • Microsoft Office programs Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Another useful feature of Zoom is its Remote Control button. If you choose to allow Remote Control, I will temporarily be able to navigate around your screen as you normally would to demonstrate processes for you to see firsthand. If you want to use my own software, I can offer remote access to you as well.

What will happen once each call is completed?

If you wish, I will send my original artwork, high-resolution digital files, and/or written document to you after the call, along with a follow-up email linking any digital resources you may need.

All discussions and projects will remain confidential and no call will be recorded without your optional written agreement. To read Laurelow’s full Privacy Policy, click here.

Why are new approaches like these important?

In the current year, technology can be both an aid and a challenge to learning about creative topics and marketing your business. While the internet is flooded with online tutorials and competitors with successfully-designed advertising campaigns, receiving one-on-one support regardless of your location can help you pursue your passions with even more motivation and drive your business further than you have ever thought possible.


Want to schedule a video call? Please leave a message to get started. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your creative ambitions.

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