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Enjoy an exciting photography and videography experience. Expand your interactions on a budget with plenty of photos along with a brand video!

Plan Details


One hour


Up to two business and/or event location(s)

Shooting time

Two hours


Photo and video editing

Photo quantity

100 digital and printable photos

Video quantity

Two animated 15-second social media reels/stories



Completion time

21 days after initial consultation and/or questionnaire


Upfront, with a 30-day guarantee

More About the Photo & Video Process

After purchasing, you’ll be directed to a thorough film production questionnaire. Here is each step that happens next!


You can join an optional meeting during which your team works with Lauren to brainstorm with digital mood boards. A mood board is a visual tool that communicates your ideas and concepts in a way that words cannot. It’s a collection of textures, images, text, and colors.

In addition to overall style choices, we will discuss:

  • Examples from competitors.
  • Scene, prop, and clothing choices.
  • What your team will say on video.

Progression of Work

Photography & Videography Production

Before shooting, Lauren will coordinate hours of work as well as building entry and exit procedures with your leadership.

Throughout the process, she will explain which types of imagery are being highlighted and why, capturing each of your most important scenes from multiple angles.

In terms of equipment, expect a full-frame Canon camera as well as:

  • Multiple fully-charged batteries.
  • Multiple memory cards.
  • An on-camera microphone.
  • A tripod.
  • A large studio light.
  • A laptop for reading your scripts.

Types of shots we may capture include:

  • Individual and group portraits.
  • Architectural photography.
  • Virtual walkthroughs of your business.
  • Documentary-style, behind-the-scenes moments, such daily work interactions and client engagements.
  • Product or service showcases.
  • Company achievements or milestones.
  • Coverage of events important to but outside of the company.

Post-Production Editing

Lauren uses the following software to enhance all images and video footage:

  • Adobe Photoshop for photo editing.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro for editing raw video footage.
  • Adobe AfterEffects for adding text, animations, and transitions to the videos.


Once you’re feeling inspired by your final photo and video files, we’ll invite you to fill out an approval form.

If this plan sounds like an excellent addition to your team’s efforts, go ahead and sign up today!

Meet Your Dedicated Creative Partners

Lauren Bigelow, Founder

Based in southeastern Michigan, Lauren will be your main planner, producer, and point of contact throughout this project, wherever you are in the United States. She communicates through email, leads video calls, and creates each draft of work for all clients. Lauren is available to address any questions or concerns you may have and will provide regular progress updates.


Jordan Woiderski, Quality Assurance Assistant

Working from northern Michigan, Jordan specializes in quality assurance at Laurelow. She thoroughly proofreads and QA-tests all deliverables to ensure they meet our high standards and your requirements. With her findings, Jordan then provides feedback to Lauren to make necessary revisions. Her attention to detail ensures your project meets the greatest expectations.

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