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Starter Marketing Content

Creative Service

$500.00 / month

Make meaningful contributions to your marketing with our cost-effective, ongoing graphic design service that you can pause or cancel anytime. Expand your interactions with visual content creation today!

Plan Details


One hour-long consultation each month


One at a time


Up to five differently-sized versions of the same project

Types of design

Print and digital graphic design


Not included, but available in other plans

Website hosting

WordPress plugin updates and security monitoring

Source files

Industry-standard file formats

Turnaround time

Between 12 and 60 hours; average of 24 hours




Upfront each month, with a 30-day guarantee

More About Our Affordable Design & Content Subscription

Once you’ve purchased this plan, here are the steps that happen next!

Monthly Consultation

On a monthly basis, you and your company’s team have opportunity to discuss any of your latest visual and marketing ideas with Lauren. She will dive into your analytics and recommend what to prioritize.

Project Process


As long as you’re a member, you’ll always have access to a brief but thorough questionnaire to submit details for every project. This will help you quickly specify your intended type of design, dimensions, color preferences, content, variations (versions of the same piece), and other relevant information.


Once you’ve entered a project into the queue, Lauren will start working on it before having it proofread and QA-tested in-house. If you’ve requested multiple projects and have the space for all of them in your subscription, they will be attended to simultaneously.


Expect prompt follow-up about each project through email: initially to show you the first draft of work, then to send any revisions you’ve requested. Remember, as long as your limit of concurrent projects isn’t exceeded, you get unlimited revisions!


Once you approve each project in writing, we’ll digitally send and store our multi-format files in Google Drive, where you will have continual access to them there. Download and store them with your own tools if you’d like, too; once fully approved, you own the rights to use them however you like.

Subscription Renewal

Your plan will auto-renew month-to-month. However, we understand that businesses evolve, so feel free to cancel or upgrade to a different plan if your needs change. This flexibility ensures you always have the right solution.

If this plan sounds like an excellent addition to your team’s efforts, go ahead and sign up today!

Meet Your Dedicated Creative Partners

Lauren Bigelow, Founder

Based in southeastern Michigan, Lauren will be your main planner, producer, and point of contact throughout this project, wherever you are in the United States. She communicates through email, leads video calls, and creates each draft of work for all clients. Lauren is available to address any questions or concerns you may have and will provide regular progress updates.


Jordan Woiderski, Quality Assurance Assistant

Working from northern Michigan, Jordan specializes in quality assurance at Laurelow. She thoroughly proofreads and QA-tests all deliverables to ensure they meet our high standards and your requirements. With her findings, Jordan then provides feedback to Lauren to make necessary revisions. Her attention to detail ensures your project meets the greatest expectations.

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