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Starter Workspace Art

Creative Service


We’ll collaborate to understand your vision for a better workspace interior, delivering the detailed drawings and framing recommendations you need to achieve it. Learn exactly what you need to expand your interactions through interior decoration!

Plan Details


One hour


Up to three per finished piece




Graphite or colored pencil drawing on paper


Up to 1,000 square inches of surface area




Recommendations provided


Upfront, with a 30-day guarantee

Completion time

14 days after initial consultation and/or questionnaire

More About Collecting Art for Your Business on a Budget

After purchasing, you’ll be directed to a thorough workspace art questionnaire. Here is each step that happens next!


You can join an optional meeting during which your team works with Lauren to brainstorm with digital mood boards. A mood board is a visual tool that communicates your ideas and concepts in a way that words cannot. It’s a collection of textures, images, text, and colors showing visual features you expect to see in the final pieces.

Progression of Work

Proof of Concept

Lauren creates pencil sketch(es) or digital full-color digital representation(s) of the final work — concept art. This involves up to three preliminary drawings/concept art per finished piece.

She will also show what this concept art will look like on your walls through mockups.


When the proofs are approved in writing, Lauren will get to work on the final drawings.


Once you’re happy with your new and inspiring high-resolution photos of workspace art, we’ll invite you to fill out an approval form. You’ll get the drawings physically sent to you anywhere in the continental U.S. along with framing recommendations for free!

If this plan sounds like an excellent addition to your team’s efforts, go ahead and sign up today!

Meet Your Dedicated Creative Partners

Lauren Bigelow, Founder

Based in southeastern Michigan, Lauren will be your main planner, producer, and point of contact throughout this project, wherever you are in the United States. She communicates through email, leads video calls, and creates each draft of work for all clients. Lauren is available to address any questions or concerns you may have and will provide regular progress updates.


Jordan Woiderski, Quality Assurance Assistant

Working from northern Michigan, Jordan specializes in quality assurance at Laurelow. She thoroughly proofreads and QA-tests all deliverables to ensure they meet our high standards and your requirements. With her findings, Jordan then provides feedback to Lauren to make necessary revisions. Her attention to detail ensures your project meets the greatest expectations.

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