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Photo and video production involves putting together pictures and videos that tell stories and capture moments through planning, creativity, and technology. Experience how it can help your business make connections through professional visuals and audio.

Features of Film Production

To us, photography isn’t just a technical skill; it’s a form of artistic expression. With professional photography and lighting equipment, we tell stories, evoke emotions, and share your company’s unique perspective with the world.

We combine technical expertise with creative flair here, too. Get ready to tell compelling stories, showcase products, and document memorable moments.

We edit photos and videos with industry-standard software, including Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, Premiere, and AfterEffects to adjust lighting, brightness, color balance, and other factors to further enhance each image.

When editing videos, we always make sure to combine your real-world footage with an animated logo, exciting transitions, and other sleek types of motion design.

Consistency is key. We keep your visual identity system in mind to harmonize design elements, colors, and typography.

Photo and video platform optimization involves fine-tuning file sizes and dimensions to get the most out of performance, user experience, and visibility.

Professional Photo & Video Plans

Choose from our filmography packages to know exactly what awaits!

Starter Film Production

$ 500
  • One-hour consultation
  • One hour of shooting time
  • Post-production photo editing
  • 50 digital and printable photos
  • One 15-second social media reel/story
  • Up to three revisions

Standard Film Production

$ 1,000
  • One-hour consultation
  • Two hours of shooting time
  • Post-production photo and video editing
  • 100 digital and printable photos
  • Two 15-second social media reels/stories
  • One minute-long brand video
  • Up to six revisions

Signature Film Production

$ 1,500
  • One-hour consultation
  • Five hours of shooting time
  • Post-production photo and video editing
  • 150 digital and printable photos
  • Three 15-second social media reels/stories
  • One minute-long brand video
  • One minute-long testimonial video
  • Up to nine revisions

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