Fine Art

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Whether you want a conversation piece to display in your workspace or look forward to using writing with whimsical stationery, you will need the perfect combination of skill, creativity, and dependability.

Fine Art

Media Selection

Traditional Materials

Graphite pencil  •  Colored pencil  •  Pastel  •  Ink •  Watercolor paint •  Acrylic paint

Traditional Surfaces

Archival paper  •  Cardstock  •  Illustration board  •  Canvas  •  Wood board or panel

Digital Media

Altered photos  •  Vector graphics  •  Edited videos

What Fine Art Can Do for You

Light Up a Room

Orange Rose Drawing

Pastel on Paper

This drawing’s orange petals contain accents of red along with deep shadows; it stands out against a dark green background of foliage.

Contribute to a Cause

Fly and Growing Together Drawings

Graphite on Paper

The first drawing in this series was auctioned to an audience member at Community Living Centers’ 41st Celebrity Chefs Dinner. It represents how their homes offer the disabled the support they need to eventually “fly” when making friends, having learning experiences, and finding jobs away from home.

The second drawing auctioned at the 42nd dinner was inspired by residents’ chores, which helped the entire group live happily. The residents’ efforts reminded Lauren of a garden, which takes labor to maintain, but can produce beautiful flowers that bring joy to anyone who sees them.

Support Serenity

Solitude Painting

Watercolor on Paper

A calming recreation of an outdoor sanctuary, this painting depicts what one might see on a solitary yet breathtaking autumn hike. It was sold to a business owner who wished to add a touch of tranquility to her office.

Emote Through Motion

Wistful Video

Adobe AfterEffects

The following is a music video for Wistful, a song written and recorded by percussionist Rich Malloy. The song features marimba, vibraphones, piano, drums, and synthesizers. Its audio was mastered by James Driscoll.

Wistful video
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Upgrade Your Style

Lauren Bigelow drawing

Learn More About Fine Art

Commission originals or replicas of handmade drawings, paintings, and more that can communicate thoughtful concepts and add a unique flair to your home or business.