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Recent Work

ALL Commissioned by Craft & Communicate
Creativity is Unlimited
Blog Post

“Creativity offers a break from repetition. Often a group effort, it requires that we recognize opportunities for positive change, whether they are aesthetic, academic, professional, or relate to the broader culture of society.”

Senior Living Community Floor Plans
You Will Love
Blog Post

“Across Meadow Lake’s wide array of care options in Tyler, Texas, which include Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Rehab, and Respite Care, the senior living provider’s Independent Living community stands out because of the freedom and peace of mind its residents feel.” 

Aid for Veterans
Flyer Content

“Filing through the Department of Veterans Affairs is free, but doing so can be a complex process. Regardless, Russell [Fox] is an expert who will support you through every step of the application process at no cost as well. He will make sure you have the best chance of approval!”

Social Media Happy Hour
Flyer Content

“Join us along with your best friend as we listen to Jasmine McCabe-Gossett speak about the challenges you both may have faced while trying to connect with loved ones or watch virtual presentations online.”